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Solar PV Energy Development

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Establish a development team with the maturity and sophistication to share wider objectives and portfolio targets.

Midscale Projects

Deliver turnkey execution of renewable projects to businesses, municipalities, tribes, and schools across the globe. We bundle projects to make Mid-Market development accessible and investible

    Utility Scale Projects

    LIV Energy is uniquely positioned as a strategic partner for developers and EPCs in the utility solar space:

    1. Access to exclusive deal flow
    2. Access to competitive global clean energy capital
    3. In-house battery storage design and execution expertise

    Our team has the requisite expertise across numerous global markets and is committed to deploying innovative and customized solutions across various sectors.

    We have in-house resources to work hand-in-hand with developers and landowners to deliver custom solutions and manage projects throughout their life-cycle.

    We use our extensive experience in renewable energy with expertise in legal, construction, and finance to direct the development phase to achieve optimal outcomes

    20 million New Yorkers consume more energy than 1 billion Africans in lean societies. LIV Energy is committed to addressing that imbalance through the introduction of hyper-efficient energy technology.

    We have a diversified pipeline of 1.5 GW of solar across the southern belt of the US with a construction capital requirement of $900MM over 3 years

    Where possible we integrate LIV Energy’s Battery and advanced Microgrid technologies to enhance efficiency and accelerate return

    Installed 2.5GW of solar in 2020
    Get access to capital & financing for your solar project
    Global reach with installations on 6 continents

    Get Energy Independence

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