Residential Community Microgrid

Comprehensive integrated distributed energy resource microgrid solution
Project Type: Microgrid Energy Solution
Client: Low Carbon Housing Community
Location: Corby, United Kingdom

Project Details

Create a comprehensive integrated Distributed Energy Resource microgrid solution for the community. This microgrid solution includes Solar, Batteries, and Intelligent Controls.

  • Low Carbon Housing Community – UK
  • 42 3-Bedroom Single Family Homes
  • 1 Apartment Tower with 16 Apartments
  • EV Charging for 90 vehicles
  • Community Population of 208

What We Did

  • Minimize purchase of energy from the grid
  • Enable Peer-2-Peer Energy Trading
  • Real-Time performance monitoring to maximize efficiencies
  • Designed CoGen to capture thermal energy
  • Reduce carbon signature of the community

Project Results

  • Immediate reduction in homeowner energy costs by 30%
  • Increased renewable integration and P-2-P trading reduces total cost of energy by 60%
  • Decrease in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by more than 65%
  • Total Annual Community Cost of Energy – $135,128
  • Phase One Cost Reduction : $40,809 ($94,319 Net Community Costs)
  • Phase Two Total Savings: $81,212 ($53,916 Net Community Energy Costs)
  • Project Payback Horizon is less than 7 years

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