Industrial/ Commercial Microgrid

Modular Battery Storage System For Urban Solar Grid
Project Type: Microgrid Energy Solution
Client: UK Industrial Customer
Location: United Kingdom

Project Details

Large capacities of PV solar are now connected to the main power grid throughout many urban cities across the globe. For obvious reasons, solar power generation outputs power during the primarily daylight hours and not in the early morning hours or in late afternoon/evening. This inconsistent power output can often conflict with end user power demand requirements.

In order to meet local renewable generation targets, many urban end users are looking for ways to integrate PV rooftop solar in order to meet their energy demand needs throughout the day, as well as allows for the associated cost savings and resiliency benefits. The LIV Energy technical team engaged in providing a turnkey PV solar + battery storage microgrid system to meet this industrial clients energy needs throughout the entire day, all managed by our power management control system to optimize the generation/demand equation.

What We Did

After analyzing the client’s specific needs, we determined that the project called for a Modular Battery Storage System to complement the PV solar. The battery storage would absorb surplus PV Solar Energy during day time hours and would discharge that energy during the non-solar generating hours. The discharged power can be used on site by the client or exported into the existing energy grid. Our Microgrid System is an enabler for clients to integrate renewable energy generation which otherwise may have not been possible.

Project Results

Immediately, the cost savings for the client was driven by the use of PV generation as opposed to purchasing power from the grid. Over time, the battery storage system was used for trading electricity with the main grid. The combination of PV generation used on site during the day and grid trading leveraging the battery storage will give the client between 30% and 50% reduction in their energy bill. In addition, our system will protect the client against rising energy and carbon costs far into the future.

The Microgrid Control system allowed the rooftop PV Solar to be installed by managing battery storage charging/discharging to overcome the grid constraints. The use of the PV Solar allowed the client to reduce their energy costs while enhancing their environmental requirements.


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