LIV Energy addresses your specific energy challenges

Battery-based microgrid solution customized for each application

Every customer has unique requirements that change over time, which is why off-the-shelf battery and control systems aren’t optimal. One size does not fit all. LIV Energy addresses your specific energy challenges with a ground-up design approach to maximize the savings, resiliency, and emissions reduction – from project initiation to full-scale operations.

Our goal is to help you to achieve an efficient and affordable way of generating power.

Most Advanced Solution

What Is A Microgrid?

A microgrid is an electrical grid and heat network that operates in islanded mode, or connected to the main utility grid. The LIV Energy advanced controls integrate and optimize traditional and renewable generation to maximize the realized savings for our clients.

Proven Technology For Commercial Use

LIV Energy is run by some of the most experienced leaders in the energy sector. Our technologies have been in commercial use and have been continually refined with advances in computing technology and energy storage.


Whether you’re on the grid and looking for ways to reduce energy bills and emissions, operate more efficiently, and ensure reliable power backup; or you’re off the grid and need a safe, affordable, and reliable energy solution, you now have incredible new options to consider.

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Microgrid Use Cases

Applications For Our Microgrids

Wilderness Communities

Green Housing

Mining Operations

Fishing Villages



Offshore Oil & Gas

Critical Infrastructure

Hotels & Office Buildings