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We enable our clients to take control of their energy independence and security. Our systems reduce energy costs, improve resilience, and eliminate emissions.

Address Sustainability Goals

Economic Savings From Integrated Energy Generation Can Be Sizable.

LIV Energy is a leading clean energy solutions provider specializing in commercial Solar, Combined Heat & Power (CHP), and Battery Storage systems.

Our team of clean energy and finance leaders brings unique expertise and creativity to each project to maximize the value of your investment.

Our multi technology energy solutions include solar generation, combined heat and power, battery storage, and microgrid control.

Energy Cost Reduction

Take control of your most critical resource

Drive dramatic cost savings to reinvest in your enterprise. Move to energy security and independence through reliable, continuous power. Remove the uncertainty and cost associated with power disruptions.

Drive towards your corporate sustainability goals by leveraging clean energy technologies. Our expert team manages the process from design through commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Solar Generation

Economic savings from on-site solar generation can be sizable. This investment also directly addresses corporate sustainability goals, along with allowing clients to benefit from Federal and State incentives.

Combined Heat & Power

CHP systems can offer many corporate power users immediate savings of 35%+ off total energy expense. Additional Federal and State incentives create very short payback periods for our proven systems.

Microgrid Control

When various technologies are paired together for an end-user, such as Solar and Battery Storage, they become a microgrid that requires a control system to manage and optimize. Our expert team of control systems experts has been designing microgrid controls in commercial and industrial applications for over 20 years.

Battery Storage

For many clients, battery storage may enhance the economic value of a solar investment. The solar alone addresses reductions in monthly energy bills, while storage addresses the utility demand charges which are a major component of corporate energy bills.


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