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Save Energy.
Save Money.
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Electric vehicles are the future. Now is the time to get in front of this growing technology and start reaping the benefits of installing EV charging on your property!

Reap The Benefits

It’s a great time to get in front of this growing technology and reap the benefits. Electric vehicle ownership is on the rise, and the EV fleet market is also expanding.

Plan Ahead

If you plan to have a fleet in the future, installing EV charging stations on your property will pave the way for that.

Save Money

You can save money through incentives, and tax rebates, entice customers, attract and retain employees, contribute to your community by helping to improve air quality in your region, and give your brand an image booster.

Federal and state rebates exist for businesses that install EV charging stations on their premises. In addition, some incentives may cover up to 100% of installation or material costs.

Electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them will be an enormous macro-economic shift we will see in our lifetimes.

Why Invest In EV?

Customers increasingly note that a company’s commitment to sustainability is a massive factor in its decision-making process. More US companies are buying commercial EVs due to falling costs and increased availability and support from legislators.

Environment | Community

Multiple surveys have shown that customers prefer to partner with companies that care about their environment and community. A large portion of your workforce will switch to electric vehicles in the future if they haven’t already.

Sustainability | Innovation

Adding EV chargers to your site shows your customers and employees that you’re committed to sustainability. And send a message that you’re innovative and forward thinking.


Reliable EV charging for your customers, employees, and fleets

You can save money through incentives and tax rebates, entice customers, attract and retain employees, contribute to your community, and give your brand an image booster.

Why LIV Energy?

Our turnkey package means that you can.

What sets LIV energy apart is that LIV energy conducts an intensive examination of each site to determine the viability, power source, and profitability.

Delivering Cutting Edge Technology

Since 2010

The LIV Energy Difference

LIV energy identifies, procures, and connects the very best technologies available for your EV charging project. Our stable EPC partners ensure that the project quality, cost, and delivery targets are met to the most stringent specifications.

Our team at LIV energy is expanded in all aspects of clean, renewable energy development, including site analysis, technology selection, solution design, and planning applications. The LIV energy team of engineering, environmental, finance, compliance, and legal experts assesses every dimension of the project to deliver the cleanest possible solution with optimal efficiency and medium return on investment.