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Save Energy.
Save Money.
Save The Earth.

LIV Energy helps commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional building owners fund major energy efficiency upgrades without making a capital investment or borrowing. By funding improvements using future savings, you can start reaping the economic benefits of more modern and sustainable buildings today and help save the earth.

Why Upgrade Now?

Our energy-efficiency and power upgrades provide customers with 30% – 50% in annual savings. When upgrades are delayed, building owners are spending money and contributing to climate change needlessly. Liv Energy Group’s solutions provide off balance sheet treatment, immediate savings, long term maintenance, and no capital investment.

Up-Front Funding

LIV Energy provides the up-front funding to purchase, install, and maintain the new systems – all as part of an Energy Service Agreement (ESA).

Monthly Savings

Each month after installation, for the duration of the agreement, a portion of the savings goes to LIV and a portion goes straight back to you.

You Take Ownership

At agreement end, you take ownership of the new systems, at no cost or at a small fraction of the cost. 100% of the savings go to your bottom line.

Funding Upgrades With Future Savings

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What Is An Energy Service Agreement (ESA)?

A Type Of Funding Solution

Energy Service Agreements (ESA’s) are a type of funding solution that enables building owners to implement energy-efficiency and on-site power generation upgrades today without making an investment.

Is An ESA Tax Deductible?

Just like a utility service, an ESA is an off-balance sheet expense and 100% tax deductible

On What Projects Can An ESA Be Used?

ESA’s can be used for any efficiency project like lighting, HVAC, and smart energy controls or any on site power generation like solar/storage or combined heat and power (CHP)

When Do I Start Saving Money?

ESA’s take the financial and project implementation burden off of the building owner; and building owners pay a monthly amount that is less than the total saved,
so from day one there is savings applied to the bottom line.