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Clean Energy Development

LIV Energy Development offers a fully integrated approach to renewable energy project development, financing, construction, and operating solar assets across the world. Comprised of former General Electric executives, we have developed multiple giga watts of solar energy in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas through a highly collaborative process which crafts customized solutions while ensuring insight, certainty, and integrity throughout.


Our team is experienced in all aspects of clean, renewable energy development including site analysis and land acquisition, technology selection, solution design, connection agreements, regulatory coordination and planning applications. Our team of engineering, environmental, finance, compliance, and legal experts assess every dimension of the project to deliver the cleanest possible solution with optimal efficiency and maximum return on investment.


LIV Energy offers tailored financial solutions for both commercial and large- scale utility energy projects with a full slate of ownership options. We bring not only our own clean energy fund but are partnered with major capital providers on five continents to deliver the most efficient financing which enhances project viability and yield. In North America, we have close relationships with leading tax equity investors to lever predictable cash flows and federal tax incentives into superior project returns.


We identify, procure, install, and connect the very best technologies available for your renewable energy projects. Our stable of EPC partners ensure that project quality, cost, and delivery targets are met to the most stringent specifications.


We offer full-service monitoring and analysis, site operation and maintenance, asset management and site ownership support to ensure continued consistent operational and financial performance.


Managed Investments

renewable energy infrastructure

We have managed the investment of more than $60 billion in renewable energy infrastructure and compelling new technologies that make power cleaner with improved access and greater resilience.

Energy Investment

  • Invested in Central America’s largest hydro project
  • Invested in the world’s most advanced Microgrid energy storage technology
  • Led the syndication of a $14 billion investment in Latin America’s largest distribution infrastructure project
  • Partnered with UK’s leading gasification technology for expansion into North America
  • Spearheaded the $17 billion acquisition of the EU’s largest power and grid enterprise

Energy Funding

  • Executed revenue bond financing for municipal clean energy initiatives in the US
  • Restructured more than $1 billion of solar project debt in Middle East, EU, and North America
  • Created three dedicated funds for the development of solar assets in Eastern Europe and the Middle East
  • Funded development of Kenya’s largest solar project
  • Funded the development and launch of the world’s first practical technology for on-demand hydrogen fuel generation

Energy Development

  • Developed Australia’s largest solar field with embedded storage
  • Developed a $3 billion solar portfolio in UK
  • Developed North America’s lowest emission Waste to Energy project
  • Financed the development of Asia’s largest off-shore wind power project
  • Redesigned the $2 billion rebuild of Indonesian power grids with more efficient and cleaner generation and distribution technologies


LIV Energy has entered into a strategic partnership with Water for the World, OPAD and the UN to invest in infrastructure projects to bring clean, affordable, renewable energy to underserved communities in lean societies.

Our Technology Around The Globe

LIV Energy technology has been in commercial use since 1982. Our systems are helping to produce clean, reliable and low cost energy in dozens of countries in every corner of the world right now.

LIV Development is actively looking to invest capital and advisory expertise into renewable energy infrastructure projects and exciting game changing technologies.

20 million New Yorkers consume more energy than 1 billion Africans in lean societies. LIV Energy and OPAD is committed to addressing that imbalance through the introduction of hyper-efficient energy technology.

Energy independence is a crucial factor in altering economic opportunity and improving the provision of primary services for millions in lean societies. Improving access to and reducing the cost of energy stimulates growth by freeing up scarce capital for life changing improvements in clean water and sanitation, good health and well-being, hunger alleviation, quality education, and infrastructure.
Improve Access
Reduce Cost
Stimulate Growth


“LIV Energy is making our vision for a prosperous future a reality. Not only are they bringing clean, reliable power to our village but they are working with us to develop a fish processing plant that means jobs and economic security for generations to come. More importantly, they are providing the financing to make this dream happen. None of this was possible without our friends at LIV!”

Alex Talekpalek

President, Levelock Tribal Council

“LIV Energy has financed the development of an innovative hydrogen fuel system which has the potential to fundamentally alter how the world produces energy.

This is the most significant innovation in power generation since the introduction of the gas turbine engine.”

Dr. Graham Conway

Southwest Research Institute


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