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The Problem
The Problem

Organizations wanting to utilize low-carbon power generation have few financing alternatives leaving a cash purchase as their only viable option

At year-end 2020, the US C&I market offers 145 GW of unused commercial solar potential (Wood Mackenzie). Only 3.5 percent of all commercial buildings have solar and another 1 percent are attached to community solar.


Majority of investment is narrowly focused on investment grade end users.


The current capital environment makes clean energy installations more expensive for smaller or tax-inefficient organizations.

How We Solve

Utilize top financial structuring and underwriting expertise


With access to tax-efficient investors, LIV Energy provides the most competitive pricing for clean energy installations.


LIV Energy instills confidence in developers, end users, and the investor community through expert financial structuring and underwriting.


Our cloud-based financing platform enables developers to grow their businesses with sophisticated, user-friendly tools and a direct line to capital.


A measured, disciplined approach

Our measured, disciplined approach to project underwriting and financial structuring creates an investor-efficient market financing mechanism and a bridge to clean energy financing for users across the credit and revenue size spectrum.


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