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“LIV Energy is making our vision for a prosperous future a reality. Not only are they bringing clean, reliable power to our village but they are working with us to develop a fish processing plant that means jobs and economic security for generations to come. More importantly, they are providing the financing to make this dream happen. None of this was possible without our friends at LIV Energy!”

– Alex Talekpalek, President Levelock Tribal Council, Levelock, Alaska

Our Mission & Vision

Establish Efficient & Effective Energy Solutions Globally

For almost 40 years we have been designing and deploying distributed energy systems in global applications from the conventional to the most remote and extreme environments. Our goal is to optimize power delivery from a range of sources through advanced stored energy systems with the most sophisticated intelligent controls available.

Mission And Purpose

Access to clean, reliable, resilient, affordable energy is something the vast majority of us take for granted. But there are many living in their traditional remote villages who are denied this fundamental right. They pay 10 times what we pay in Seattle or London for electrical power and thermal energy. And that power is inconsistent, of poor quality, and generates significant amounts of toxic emissions which are harmful to people and the environment.

Furthermore, communities with inadequate and expensive power suffer from a profound degree of economic privation where their residents have a genuine lack of financial and social opportunity. There is nothing more crushing for the soul of a community.

We at LIV Energy recognized this problem and knew that compelling new technologies could correct this injustice. We saw that advances in computing power, energy storage, and distribution systems could make power not only more affordable but completely reliable and far healthier. And that is why we developed state-of-the-art microgrid technology that will revitalize remote communities by democratizing energy.

Bringing our technology to traditional Alaskan villages, for instance, not only provides energy parity for the community but also enables economic growth and social development while reducing the carbon footprint and bringing the promise of a brighter, healthier future.

We began almost 40 years ago custom designing and commissioning distributed energy solutions in applications from the conventional to the most extreme locations. We deliver the most efficient power generation and distribution solution in the world through our advanced SCADA control technology which makes our microgrids the most effective energy system available.

And while we once focused on the oil and gas industry we are now committed to working with traditional communities to bring hope and promise through clean, reliable, resilient, affordable energy. LIV Energy not only brings best-of-breed technology but we offer creative, efficient financing solutions tailored to make that future a reality.

Belief In Clean Energy

LIV Energy Development believes that access to clean, resilient, reliable, and affordable energy is a pathway to securing economic and social development opportunities in underserved communities. With that, we approach all of our projects with an emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles to ensure that our investments are sustainable and have a positive impact on the communities we work with.

Turnkey System

One stop-shop for customized microgrid systems from design, engineering, deployment, and support.

Engineering Expertise

Our technical team consists of leaders in the design and deployment of microgrid systems in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Industry Leading Reliability

End-to-end full wrap warranties with 24/7 performance monitoring to ensure resilient, reliable energy.

Proven Experience

LIV Energy has been in the electricity business since 1972 and has evolved with advances in technology to bring clients the best in renewable energy solutions.

Financing Options

LIV Energy brings clean energy capital to deliver a host of capex and opex options designed to meet our clients specific financial objectives.

Global Footprint

LIV Energy is currently developing renewable energy projects across North America and Africa to reduce the cost and environmental impact of electricity.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Microgrid & How Does It Work?

The LIV Energy microgrid solution is an electrical grid and heat network that allows users to operate independently from or collaboratively with other power grids. Our microgrid provides the control system logic to determine the optimal conditions of when to generate power, when to store power, and when to consume power. The LIV Energy solution consists of any of a number of low carbon, renewable power generation assets that connect with a Distributed Energy battery storage system. One of the core attributes of the LIV Energy solution is that it is the most advanced control system for integrating multiple sources of power generation. By being able to efficiently incorporate renewable energy into our microgrid brings down the cost of power consequentially, eliminates a significant amount of toxic emissions, and reduces the complexity of maintaining a power plant. With proper management our microgrid will run operations seamlessly and indefinitely, thereby providing the users with consistent and economical power for decades.

Why Is A Microgrid Important In Today’s World?

Traditional large-scale electricity grids cannot meet the demands of a more sophisticated energy conscious world which requires decarbonization, power supply security, and reduced energy costs. Unlike a microgrid, the traditional grid predominantly interconnects regional fossil fuel power plants and experiences significant levels of line loss due to transmission over long distances. This inefficiency leads to more than 40% increase in the release of toxic greenhouse gas emissions. The traditional grid is characterized by aging infrastructure and an inability to meet the nation’s growing energy demand, all leading to poor levels of power supply security. This has been clearly demonstrated in the California fires where the grid was not only unable to deliver power to communities for long periods of time but its overhead lines were a factor in the starting of the fires. Finally, a Microgrid offers the most cost effective method of reducing lifetime energy and carbon costs. Significant sums of money need to be spent to upgrade the traditional, large scale electricity grid meaning low lifetime energy costs are difficult to obtain.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using A Microgrid?

Microgrid applications can vary considerably from one project to the next. A Microgrid Solution must be modular and flexible in terms of its generation, energy storage, switchgear, control systems and software-based intelligence in order to meet a client’s unique requirements to maximize cost savings, decarbonization and energy security. While some companies offer a one-size-fits-all approach to microgrids, LIV Energy brings a tailored system designed to meet a client’s individual needs in order to deliver optimal performance. That is how the LIV Energy microgrid cuts energy costs dramatically by ensuring that engines run only at full load for maximum efficiency which reduces fuel consumption by more than 50%. It also knows when renewable energy is available which further reduces fuel expenditure. Because engines are running less than 60% of the time there is a striking reduction in greenhouse gas and particulate matter emissions. For users connected to a central grid, the LIV Energy solution also dictates when to disconnect for peak shaving to avoid periods of high utility rates. Most importantly, our microgrid provides redundancy and resilience to critical infrastructure or sites that experience power outages. The bottom line, the LIV Energy microgrid enables communities to be more energy independent and environmentally friendly.

How Is The LIV Energy System Cleaner Than Other Modes Of Power Generation?

A LIV Energy microgrid is designed to operate with greatest achievable efficiency, minimizing fuel consumption, and therefore emissions. Compared to the grid, where power is generated by large, coal fired power plants, transmitted over great distances, and where smaller, less efficient plants regulate the voltage by adding or removing power, a LIV Energy microgrid produces power locally and uses a battery system to regulate power use as well as quality. That has the net effect of cleaner power generation. Adding renewable energy sources to a LIV Energy microgrid, such as solar or wind power, is straight forward. Any renewable energy not immediately consumed will be stored for later use, thus maximizing the effect of renewable energy and reducing emissions further.

Does LIV Energy Offer Financing?

LIV Energy and its group of companies is backed by a London-based private equity fund which has more than US$1billion focused on investment in clean energy technologies and infrastructure projects. We are also partnered with equity funds in London, New York, Tokyo, Seattle, Singapore, Sydney, and Hong Kong which gives us the financial muscle to offer our clients creative financing and lease options to acquire our solutions which are tailored to their precise economic and strategic priorities. In addition, we have the expertise and relationships to bring a variety of US Federal grant and loan funding programs available to eligible customers to implement microgrids and energy resilience infrastructure for their community.

How Much Can A Microgrid Power?

We custom design and build our microgrid solution for your unique energy demands and generating assets. Our microgrids can be used to power a single facility, a campus or an entire community. Microgrids allow users to manage their power generation to match their demand in the most economical way.

Where Has LIV Energy Installed Microgrids?

LIV Energy’s microgrid technology has been installed on oil platforms in the North Sea and Persian Gulf; on-shore oil sites in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East; commercial and industrial sites in the European Union; and housing developments in Europe and remote communities in North America.

Does LIV Energy Offer Warranties?

LIV Energy offers industry-leading reliability. Ask us about our end-to-end full wrap warranties. We offer a full spectrum of support from 24/7 performance monitoring to annual on-site inspections to rapid emergency response. This is an important service which acts to ensure resilient, reliable energy that will last decades.

How Does The LIV Energy Solution Improve The Quality Of My Electrical Power?

The electrical power delivered by a LIV Energy microgrid is finely regulated. Harmonic content, frequency, and voltage are closely controlled and managed. These benefits exist in ‘island mode’ as well as ‘grid connected mode’. Power sags and surges reduce the usable life or damage electrical appliances. The control systems in a LIV Energy microgrid prevent “Dirty Power’ from ever impacting customers.

How Does LIV Energy Customize Its Solution For Me And Why Is “Adaptive Learning” Important?

We have the capability to design and assemble tailor-made microgrid solutions that are optimal for a client’s exact power demand requirements. And to get the most benefit from our battery energy storage system, its charge and subsequent use cycles need to match the energy use pattern that it serves. We define an adaptive learning battery management algorithm which calibrates charging to consumption. And our adaptive learning controls recognize and adjust for changes in energy use patterns. This makes the LIV Energy microgrid solution incredibly effective and economical, especially for peak shaving.

How Does ‘Real-Time Monitoring’ Work And What Are The Benefits?

All components that make up a LIV Energy microgrid continually report their operating status via a wireless link which is available in both conventional and remote locations. Any degradation in performance against Six Sigma Protocols will be noticed immediately and can be serviced before equipment fails.